Polaroid image transfer Polaroid emulsion lift

Polaroid Emulsion Lifts and Transfers 

I used slide film (Provia 100 or 400) to record all my original images, taken on my old Olympus OM2N.  The selected image was then copied onto Polaroid peel-apart film by using an enlarger.  The Polaroid film I used was 669 which is only three and a quarter inches by four and a quarter.

To make a Polaroid image transfer the film is peeled apart immediately, and the negative part containing the chemicals is placed face down on to the required medium, such as watercolour paper.  I use a roller to ensure the image is transferred evenly, and leave the chemicals to develop.

To make a Polaroid emulsion lift I made a Polaroid print and let it develop fully and dry.  I then immersed it in hot water.  The top surface of the print floats off with the help of a brush, and I then transfer it on to watercolour paper or silk.  The emulsion can then be manipulated at this stage with a brush or fingers.

Polaroid transfers have soft, muted colours whereas the emulsion lifts are much brighter and sharper. 

The final images are displayed in 30cm x 40cm mounts.